The Building Design Process.
Step 1: Consultation. We visit your site to ascertain all matters affecting it. This
includes items such as views, solar orientation, prevailing winds, land shape and slope,
privacy issues, vehicular access, location of neighbouring buildings and any other

We listen to your ideas, your objectives, your vision, your budget. These detailed
discussions are known as the "brief".

Once we have your brief, we can then, provide feedback on your ideas and provide
you with a firm quote for the work that you would like us to do. This work could
include the design and working drawings or it could be all steps required to obtain
approval from the local authority. The choice is yours.
Step 2: Site Survey.

To design a new building or structure, we need information about the land dimensions, levels,
existing buildings, sometimes neighbours buildings.

This information usually comes from a Surveyors site feature and contour survey. It can
sometimes come from an existing site plan if the details are still current.

This information is converted to CAD drawings in preparation of the Building Design.
Step 3: Design.

We discuss the project with the local council to ascertain any particular site,
or planning requirements.

Using your brief, we provide an initial concept or sketch design.

The initial concept includes a preliminary floor plan and elevation.

We can also provide a 3D CAD model of the building.

The concept can then be modified until it is ready for working drawings to
be prepared.
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The design and drawings are the single most important element in creating a
new building. Whether it be a home, commercial building or industrial

These documents are critical as they describe exactly how to construct the
building in detail.

Firstly, they allow all builders who are tendering on your building to quote
for exactly the same inclusions.

If the documents don’t have enough detail or are unclear, different builders
will quote on different things and you will be unable to make proper

Secondly, they form part of your contract with the builder. For this reason,
it is particularly important to engage a professional to design and document
the project properly.